Gliby's Voice Chat Mod by Chemical Heads

By Admin Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This Minecraft mod allows you speak with other players in Minecraft, if the player if far away you won't hear the player, nor can you speak to the player.

This mod was created for one goal, to get rid of typing to talk, imagine you and group mining, when suddenly a creeper sneaks up on one of your members, if not for Gliby's Voice Chat Mod you couldn't warn him as fast, he would probably die.

Try it: (1.7.10 server)

  • 3D Voice Chat, just like the zombie this mod utilizes Minecraft's Sound System to create the illusion of 3D Audio.
  • Options, configure your voice to be exactly how YOU want it.
  • Low Latency Voice Chat, this means you send your as you speak, so if you have a good connection your voice will bealmost instant!
  • Server Commands, use these commands to handle annoying players.
  • A lot more.

To speak, hold the V(depending on your keybindings)button, you can change the Speak Mode in the Options Menu, which can be opened by pressing PERIOD(also depends on your keybindings)

When you are speaking, a icon on the right/left side should show up.

Server Support
There is native support for Forge server, so it's like any other forge mod.

Server Commands:  /vmute <player>

  • Input device, change your input device, useful if you have multiple microphones.
  • Microphone Boost, if your mic is quiet you can boost it.
  • World Volume, change the volume of players around you.
  • Talk Mode, secretss.
  • UI Options, adjust UI to your needs.
  • Setup Wizard, helps you setup the basic features of the mod.
  • Lots and lots more.


For Minecraft 1.7.10

For Minecraft 1.7.2


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